Nexus Repository Pro

The world's best way to organize, store,
and distribute software components.


Support all popular component formats.

High Availability

Always-on for continuous delivery and deployment.


Automatically identify unhealthy parts.


Rest comfortably with support from world-class experts.

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

Forget the days of stalled builds because of missing or unavailable components. Nexus Repository becomes your team’s single, most reliable source for the components they need, when they need them.

Component intelligence from the start.

Nexus Repository includes two component intelligence options, Repository Health Check and Application Health Check. Each provides a detailed list of security vulnerabilities and license compliance issues for any open source components found inside your repositories or applications.

We’ve got your back.

Built on the exact same foundation as our popular OSS solution; Nexus Repository Pro includes enterprise support and access to experts who are always there to help.

High Availability

High-availability that is uniquely affordable, rapidly configured, and easily managed.

Universal Format Support

Universal support for popular component formats including Java, npm, Bower, NuGet, Docker, PyPI and RubyGems.

Advanced Intelligence

Evaluate open source and third-party components for license types, security vulnerabilities, popularity and age.