Choose DMX sort, DMX Appmod, or MFX for Mainframe
The best sort…no matter the platform

DMX Sort Edition: Our most advanced sort features. Easily move the same sort job between Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms with full backward compatibility.

DMX AppMod Edition: All of the functionality of DMX Sort plus additional features to aid in mainframe application modernization projects.

MFX for Mainframe: High-Performance Sort for z Systems. Syncsort MFX for z/OS will reduce CPU costs and help meet batch window requirements while optimizing resource management and overall system efficiency - and plug compatible with the IBM sort.

Set it…and forget it!
The confidence of a fully automatic, continuously self-tuning engine.

Dynamically selects algorithms

Maximizes throughput

Eliminates resource inefficiencies

Enough to get the job done on distributed systems…without blowing your budget
The perfect functionality mix

Blazing sort performance

Transformations that get the job done: copy, sort, join, aggregate, merge, de-duplicate, and filter

Change individual records with text, arithmetic, and date time transformations

Leverage high performance compression